09 November, 2010

The Body Doesn’t Lie, But Modern Culture Does | Archdiocese of Washington

The Body Doesn’t Lie, But Modern Culture Does | Archdiocese of Washington

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  1. Shame all those who insult gays. You are also insulting gay priests.

    No wonder gay priests have hidden themselves in a cocoon of denial of who they really are. They protect the image of the Church at all cost even going to the extreme of denying they are...GAY.

    They are numerous good healthy gay priests that fulfill their vocation and remain chaste/celibate! God loves them.

    It makes me want to hug all gay priests and tell them I love them and there is nothing evil or wrong with them.

    I know gay priests, look at their eyes. They have this deer in the headlight sad look on their face. Of course they have learned to repress their feelings of gay. Look what they are up against! Mindset of ignorant, silly false viewpoints of past eras.

    I pray you can tell the difference between a healthy gay priest and an unhealthy criminal pedophile priest.
    If you cannot tell the difference please EDUCATE yourself. Seek out information in the secular medical world.

    Stop this insanity of propaganda of lies and deceptions about gays and gay priests!

    It is your right to disagree or agree with my post. This is where I stand on this important issue. So save any rhetoric of response to me in trying to enlighten me with your so call bias point of view of the truth. It's already been noted and discarded.

    I do not have a monopoly on the Holy Spirit and that also goes for all of you.



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