09 November, 2010

Pope Benedict has not called cardinals to an emergency meeting on sex abuse « Protect the Pope

Pope Benedict has not called cardinals to an emergency meeting on sex abuse « Protect the Pope


  1. Protect the Pope from what? A pie in the face!

    His trip to Spain was a disaster. Wait when he goes to Ireland.

  2. When you hear an 82yr.old Catholic say, we've been brainwashed. That’s not good.

    I sort of calm down one elderly (86yr.old) man that it was alright for him after he died to have his funeral Mass. He was prepared to just have a wake & that's it. After he's dead, he didn't care. I believe he does care, it's just he was hurting about what is happening in the Catholic Church especially in our local Diocese of Pembroke.

    I know he still gives his Sunday Church envelopes but the other envelopes like to the foreign missions, etc... No way has he put money in there.

    He shared this story with me what happened to him when he was just a little boy.

    Over 75 years ago, a priest in the confessional was asking him questions like: Did he play with certain private parts of his body? How did it feel? Did he like it? Etc.

    He distinctly remembers the priest was smiling a lot. He doesn't remember the name of the priest or chooses not to tell me. He only remembers it was a young priest. He told me he didn't answer this priest because he didn't have a clue what that priest was talking about. He thinks this priest must be one of those priests he hears about on T.V. They go after kids. He was glad he was never an alter boy.

    This elderly man, all these years never spoke once about what happened to him in that confessional. He reassured me no priest ever touched him. Thank God he was spared but so many were not spared that horror.

    This may explain why this elderly man does not believe going to confession? I did offer to bring him & even make an appointment with a priest. He has no use for that sacrament he said.

    He told me many other things about certain priests but they were not criminal acts.

    When you start hearing seniors getting ticked off & realizing the cover-ups of certain crimes in the Diocese you know it is not good news for the local church.

    A few years back an elderly woman told me she wish she had gone to the police years ago about a priest but she was too late. She was upset and did not want to continue the conversation with me. I always wonder what dark secrets she was carrying; sadly it was out of my control.

    I really do feel bad for all the priests in our Diocese. I want to believe it will get better for them.


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