05 June, 2012

Vatican Publishes Judgment Against Sexual Ethics Book | Daily News | NCRegister.com

Vatican Publishes Judgment Against Sexual Ethics Book | Daily News | NCRegister.com

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  1. Anonymous05 June, 2012

    OH-LA-LA! Follow the rules the bishops say. No masturbation. Good luck with that one.

    Sexual drives are very strong in those just through puberty. Incidences of masturbation several times a day are not uncommon among this group. Given the hormonal storm they are experiencing they are better for it.

    The church is just wrong. It's not a question of them being wrong about interdictions on specific behavior. They are wrong about what God wants for his children.

    The Sister isn't wrong. The bishops are. Most if not all of these bishops have sex. Some of them have a lot of sex. That's OK with me. Some of them have coercive sex with inappropriate partners who are not truly consenting participants. That's not all right. Looking for sin? Now that's a sin.

    Does the Sister advocate coercive sex? The bishops did, for themselves and their priests, tacitly, over many generations. That's why they are now selling off church assets wholesale and paying billions to their victims.

    There will be no groundswell of support for the bishops in their persecution of women religious, the books they write, the missions they undertake, the acts of charity they perform.

    The bishop and his attendant priests pass by the Sister daily, as she stands on a gritty, urban street corner clutching her bus pass in hand, on the way to her job at the local shelter for battered women and their children, ensconsed in a big black limosine. They think her a sinner and heretic. LOL!


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