27 June, 2012

Two Catholic Men and a Blog: Professor Ratzinger on Modern Physics

Two Catholic Men and a Blog: Professor Ratzinger on Modern Physics


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2012

    Well done Rationalist 1! Your posts on that blog are an artful critique of what is little more than special pleading and unwarranted flights of fancy.

    If the Two Catholic Men could provide us with a falsifiable proposition that we could then test, then I would begin to listen. Otherwise...just a lot of huff and puff.


    1. Martin. Thank you.

      I think it not only does a disservice to modern science and scientists when religious people try to graft on their particular beliefs to what ever words are popular in science now but if they thought about it, it's also demeaning to religion as it cause people to see religion as fickle and changing based upon the last paper if Physical Review.

      While theologians and philosophers love co-opting relativity (morphs into relativism) and quantum indeterminacy and mystery (as these author's did) the new plan in physics if to give new discoveries names than no theologian would want to associate with. As far as I know no theologians want to align his or her theology with dark energy or dark matter. But if they gave it a more upbeat name (let's say universal energy or all permeating matter) everyone would seek to embrace it and make it an example of the divine that religious people anticipated centuries before science got around to discovering it.


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