25 June, 2012

Can You be Good Without God?

Can You be Good Without God?


  1. Anonymous26 June, 2012

    Might one better ask, given the state of the community of Catholic men's religious, can we be good even with God. I am convinced that I am doing better than them and according to their lights am excommunicated and heretic. I am convinced I am the better for all that makes me thus.

  2. "Humans might be able to live pursue a noble and tasteful and even an altruistic life without God, but why should they? What’s the point? Without God the only point of human goodness must be utilitarian."

    Without God the only purpose of human goodness is other people.

  3. Fr. Michael Smith26 June, 2012

    The author is correct in his critique of utilitarianism, but he seems unaware of other moral resources available to atheists: Kantian ethics and humanism.

    A Kantian would say that being a person of integrity is worth seeking for its own sake, that virtue is its own reward.

    A humanist would say that humans are indeed of inherent value, but for reasons that exclude the supernatural.

    No, the specific goodness which Christians can attain consists of the supernatural virtues of faith, hope, and charity. There is also the help that grace gives us to live a life of virtue. Whether and to what extent we make use of that help is another matter.


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