26 June, 2012

Freedom Through Truth: True Life in God - What Would You Do If God Wrote You Love Messages?

Freedom Through Truth: True Life in God - What Would You Do If God Wrote You Love Messages?


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2012

    No doubt these messages were very powerful and profound for the original recipient but not so much for those who attempt to benefit from them second hand.

    I think the moral here is that if God wants to communicate with you, he will and you will understand and be better for it. Maybe better however to pass akong what you have learned from God in the form of a more perfect Christian life lived, instead of transcripted text.

  2. Apparently Anonymous, you have not read theMessages. The purpose of the Messages is for God to communicate with us.

    And yes, we are above all called to holiness

  3. Anonymous28 June, 2012

    Mr Brandon, you can be called to whatever you want but the writer of this article clearly goes to great lengths to avoid directly calling these transcripted messages, supposedly from God, garbled gibberish. It is demurely inferred, instead.

    Why do you need the messages of others, Michael, doesn't God sufficiently feed you? Don't you feel important enough for God to talk to?..... because I'm sure you are.

  4. Anonymous28 June, 2012

    I've read some of the books years ago, even have a few copies still around. Like Michael, I too found that the conversation Christ was having with Vassula could have easily been a conversation with myself. I found the writings very inspirational and drawing me to a more intimate relationship with God. There was some controversy with the messages years ago and I have not read much of them since. That said, I never saw anything negative in the messages myself.
    The Church is very cautious when dealing with private revelations. Often cautioning against them early on and later accepting them as inspired by God. Devine Mercy comes to mind. I've also read some of the writings in "Poem of the God Man" allegedly containing the conversations between Christ and Maria Valtorta. There is much confusion as to the church stand on these writings as well though what I read of them didn't seem to conflict with any of the church teachings and the writings gave me a deeper understanding of many aspects of scripture.
    Like anything spiritual, discernment is key.

  5. Anonymous28 June, 2012

    Hi folks,

    If God can communicate directly with one individual - then why not all individuals?

    If God truly loves us, truly wants a personal relationship with each of us, and truly wants us to share in His glory for all of eternity, then why does He remain steadfastly hidden to almost everyone else?

    A human father who neglected his children, remained absent from their lives, and refused to ever lift a finger to help them in their times of greatest need (when it is easily within his power to do so) would be rightly scorned and rejected by his children. Why don't we hold "God the Father" to the same standard?

    Free will, or other earthly agencies of divine love, simply do not answer these questions. At what point do we say "divine mystery" is nothing more than special pleading and not a real explanation at all?



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