28 June, 2012

Catholics, Continued - NYTimes columnist explains why he tells Catholics to leave the church

Catholics, Continued - NYTimes.com

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  1. I think the Church in the past has been able to reverse teachings (or evolve teachings) because of the inattention of the people. For instance Lateran III banned the sacraments for those who charge usury. Of course theologians today can nuance what usury is to such an extent that even payday loan companies that charge 100's of percent interest won't even merit a bishop's attention.

    Where am I going with this is that now the Church is very clear on its stand on artificial contraception, gay marriage, remarriage, etc. so that even if they wanted to change it would take years, as there's much nuancing to do and each nuance only goes a small distance.

    That plus with more and more Catholics living under democratic governments, they're used to real change, sometimes quickly, sometimes over years, but certainly within their lifetimes.


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