24 June, 2012

Vatican gets Fox media adviser

The Associated Press: APNewsBreak: Vatican gets Fox media adviser


  1. Anonymous24 June, 2012

    Interesting. This guy is an Oppie, Fox news correspondent and has lived in Rome for decades. This tells us that they are not looking to craft the message for the general public or even most catholic laity but aimed straight at the super orthodox, traditional followers of the Church. These people should be strongly in the hierarchy's corner anyway. The fact that they have hired him to craft their message tells you that they are not. This group constitutes no more than 20% of laity. When you remove those under the age of 60, it is much smaller, maybe 10-12% at most. the fact that they feel they must extend themselves to keep these guys in the fold tells you that the church is in much worse shape than anybody realizes.

  2. Anonymous25 June, 2012

    I thought the Holy Spirit advised the Pope.

    Are we now to believe that a Fox News correspondent is on the same level as the HS?

    Oh dear...


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