04 June, 2012

The Catholic Church Confronts Socialism | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

The Catholic Church Confronts Socialism | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal


  1. Why is socialism equated with communism? It's akin to equating conservatism with fascism. Democratic socialism has a proud history in the Catholic Church (Fr. Coady of the Antiogonish movement and workers co-operatives for one). In its zeal to further its social conservative agenda the Catholic church is throwing it progressive economic history under the proverbial bus.

    1. Rationalist: I think perhaps the answer to your question can be found in noting that the author is from Lubbock, Texas. They think our health care system makes us suspect of being communist!

      I appreciated though that there is a kernel of truth in the article: that the Church has faced opposition from regimes throughout its history and is thus able to recognize when it's beginning to happen again. This author uses this fact incorrectly IMHO, but it's a valid fact nonetheless.

      Fr. Tim

      P.S. The Mission was GREAT! The crowds grew night after night and the response exceeded my expectations. Thanks for asking about it on the HP.

    2. That's true. My relatives in the U.S. think I'm a rabid communist and I read the Globe and Mail and the Economist (which is a self described liberal magazine - in the original sense).

      I think like the GSA much of the smoke is generated in name calling. Especially in the states socialist and even liberal is an evil word. Even self styled progressives are afraid of it. I say, of course I'm a liberal. And when the shock dies down, I express my opinions and they realize often that many of their opinions fall into the liberal realm.

      Glad the mission went well. Looking forward to the videos on Youtube. :->

    3. You'll be waiting a long time! I'm not the next Michael Voris (for which I am eternally grateful to God). ;->

  2. Anonymous04 June, 2012

    The last political system that the Catholic Church openly embraced was the divine right of kings, no? In modern times they deny, a bit coyly, that they supported Hitler but got on hand in glove with his friends Mussolini and Francisco Franco. They don't like governments that attempt to curtail their power and entitlements, autocratic, democratic or socialist. That is their only reservation.


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