05 September, 2011

Scoops in all of those whispers » GetReligion

I admire Rocco’s record, especially given that he literally is a young lad who lives in his parents basement. (True… google it!)
But I cannot help feeling that I am witnessing the birth of a Catholic ‘Drudge Report’. I cannot see, given how such an internet entity has led to the coarsening of American political culture, that such a development would necessarily be a good thing for the Church. Perhaps one could even compare what he is doing with the actions of Matthew Bradley and Wikileaks… exposing decisions and debate that takes place in secret behind walls of structure and power. Given that he has taken upon his own shoulders what to publish and what to withhold, he is exerting influence in corridors heretofore thought to be inviolate.
Still, it is amazing how much influence he has garnered in a few years within the Church given that he lives in Philadelphia, PA, some 7000+ km. away from the beat he’s covering.
This new information age is certainly transforming the world we live in, for better or for worse.

Scoops in all of those whispers » GetReligion

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