12 September, 2011

The decline of civilization, in one simple chart | VirtuousPla.net

An interesting use of the internet to try to 'scientifically' or at least statistically to chart societal trends as relates to morality. I do not know if it actually proves what it claims or if the initial premise that such a connection is in any way a causal relationship... but it does provoke thought.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

The decline of civilization, in one simple chart | VirtuousPla.net


  1. Hi Tim...

    A couple of thoughts:

    The biggest felons when it come to overusing the word "values" is the religious right. "Family values" being code for "fag hating christians". So yeah...if the author is implying that the rise of the intolerant religious right is a sign of societal collapse - I guess I could go along with that thought.

    In any case, the premise of the article is nuts. One can find any pair of inversely related factors and ascribe some causal link to them. This is just personal opinion dressed up as science.


  2. Martin: I think you're probably correct. It is indicative though of how something can be dressed up as being 'scientific' or 'objective' while failing to meet the requirements of either.

    I don't know whether I should be reassured that such an argument is so easy to see as being flawed or alarmed that science can so easily be misused in this manner. How many folks would fail to hear alarm bells in their heads when they read such a study? You and I do so because of our appreciation of the role of human rights and the instruments of polity to determine the proper balances between 'values' and 'virtues'. Would there be many who would be swayed by such a chimera masquerading as being representative of the truth?

    Kind of scary, irrespective of one's position on the God Question, if the citizenry were not capable of seeing through such a logically flawed study.


  3. Who needs a chart to see the decline of virtue. Just look at the cesspool popular culture has become. Virtue has been replaced by narcissism.



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