04 May, 2011

Three Possible Popes | National Catholic Reporter

Three Possible Popes | National Catholic Reporter


  1. Cardinal Ouellette? Really?

    A Pole, a German, and a Canadian...what a thought.

  2. A Canadian would fit right in! With our deferential natures and firm resolve (as demonstrated through the years magnificently in our military) he would be a great Pope.

    BTW, I am a Sci-Fi fan and was amused at this weeks episode of SGU (2nd last episode - sob!) when a character was searching a deserted city for ammunition for a gun. When he asked "What kind of city doesn't have a Gun Shop?" the answer he received was 'Maybe this place was built by Canadians!" If that's our reputation around the world... well suffice it to say that we would seem well suited to a Church that dedicates itself to peace.

    Fr. Tim


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