17 May, 2011

What the Pope might say to Stephen Hawking if the two had a chat


  1. That article so distorts science I don't know where to begin. I'll start with the first paragraph, worshipping science. In what remote capacity would Stephen Hawking worship science. I may nver have made an Igantian 40 day retreat but if they teach worship of God as meaning the same thing as a scientist treating science, they're much more lax than the United Church in their concept of how a Christian should act.

  2. Larry Green17 May, 2011

    “In a nutshell, Hawking can explain much about the physical world. But he cannot explain himself. He cannot account for the mystery of man.”
    Not Hawking but he says that science can explain much about the physical world and the non physical for that matter. He says that science can explain “himself” in terms of how and asserts that there is no point to asking why - which is what theology seeks to do-. God is much more of a mystery than man is and it’s a proposition that begs the question.
    “He would do well, in all of his genius, to consider these words from Pope Ratzinger:
    God made the world so that there could be a space where he might communicate his love, and from which the response of love might come back to him. From God’s perspective, the heart of the man who responds to him is greater and more important than the whole immense material cosmos, for all that the latter allows us to glimpse something of God’s grandeur.” While this is useful and a necessary “myth”, as a representation of the truth, one can see clearly with very little reflection that it is equally wrong. If we accept the fundamental principle as do Christians , Muslims, Jews and others that God is perfect and therefore immutable we can through the faculty of reason come to know what God is not even though not what God Is.
    Why is it that so many are so bent on insisting that their “idea” of God Is God while at the same time proclaim that God is a perfect being and therefore we are not capable of knowing God as God Is. We refer to God as He or She ( necessarily so) while at the same time we know that God obviously transcends gender. We and Jesus often referred to God the Father while obviously God is nothing like our earthly fathers.
    It is no secret to the science of psychology and anthropology that “man needs a myth” and that does not mean that God is a myth only that our ideas of Him are. It is through these myths that we can actually begin to build a relationship with God and develop our own individual humanity if we could only stop trying to destroy one another’s myth.


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