07 May, 2011

Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Beating Private Judgment’s Dead Horse

I've been having this same debate in the threads of the Holy Post! It seems that many evangelicals believe that ONLY those who believe in Christ will be found in the New Jerusalem. They seem (IMO) to be far too quick to condemn to hell the BILLIONS of souls of people who died without ever hearing of Christ. Further, they condemn those who once had faith, but through the events of life have had their faith stolen from them (think of victims of clergy sexual abuse or people who experienced the horrors of the Concentrations camps) thus (again IMO) victimizing these souls a second time.

My understanding of God is very different. I take him at his word when he taught that many who think that they will be saved simply because they claim to be his followers will be shocked to find the way closed to them while 'tax collectors, prostitutes and sinners' are invited in.

Personally, I always look at it this way: imagine after death you must stand in one of two lines. The first is for those who profess belief but did not live a good life. The other is for people who were kind and loving in this life but never professed a faith in Jesus. Which of these two lines would you rather be standing in?

Catholic Culture : On the Culture : Beating Private Judgment’s Dead Horse

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  1. Larry Green08 May, 2011

    It doesn't matter now and it never will to someone who is perfect , how "good" you were, but it does matter essentially to someone who is not perfect how "good" you are.


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