18 May, 2011

Study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn't cause abuse | ksdk.com

GOOD GRIEF! The story below this one from the National Post stresses that celibacy and not homosexuality is the cause of clergy sexual abuse. This story on the same report states that neither is responsible. How can two press organs have such diametrically different interpretations of the exact same report??? Perhaps it's just the way the headlines are composed but they each sure give a different impression.

WEIRD!! Sad but definitely weird!!

Study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn't cause abuse | ksdk.com


  1. Father I couldn't find the article you refer to. Both that I read said that neither celibacy NOR homosexuality were responsible.

    Did I miss something?

  2. Fr. Tim:
    Celibacy NOR homosexuality, not celibacy not homosexuality.

    Happy birthday BTW

  3. Michael: That explains it. The first headline did read Celibacy not homosexuality. I see it's now corrected.

    Thanks for the birthday good wishes!

    Fr. Tim

  4. Anonymous18 May, 2011

    How about peadophilia and callous disregard for the welfare of children by the hierarchy?

  5. Larry Green19 May, 2011

    There is such an erroneous tendency for some people to classify male pedophiles of underage males as homosexuals because of the gender of their victims. I never hear male pedophiles who molest young girls classed as heterosexuals because of the gender of their victims. I don’t recall ever hearing how female predators are characterized, if they are ,in either way.
    To assert that a particular pedophile is heterosexual , homosexual , male or female is irrelevant to the pursuit of identifying a “cause” for the depraved desire to sexually assault other human beings. The terms heterosexual and homosexual denote a learned behaviour and a properly functioning natural sexual desire and attraction for the opposite sex or the same. The quality of being male and female are “accidents” and their subsequent causes are much less substantial than the attribute of their respective essential behaviour.
    In some instances it is obviously possible and most probable however, that a causal correlation in at least one direction is present between celibacy/homosexuality and celibacy/pedophilia.

  6. Larry Green19 May, 2011

    Just a point for clarification to my last statement: the last statement should read as follows: " in at least one direction is present between celibacy/homosexuality and between celibacy/pedophilia.

  7. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    "There is such an erroneous tendency for some people to classify male pedophiles of underage males as homosexuals because of the gender of their victims."

    I think the reason for this has to do with the fact that most heterosexual men find the prospect of sex with another male revolting. It seems to defy all logic that a straight man would get off on that. Maybe there are other psychological factors at play but I find it hard to believe you can be heterosexual yet desire gay sex with young boys and teens.
    IF it were just a desire for sex, many of the hotbeds of abuse were in major cities with an ample supply of working girls. It would seem far less risky and far more desirable as a heterosexual to hook up with a female prostitute than to rape a young teenage boy.

    Again I'm no psychologist but from my own laymen's heterosexual experience, it doesn't make any sense that men desiring sex with boys are heterosexual. I think thats where the tendency comes from.


  8. Larry Green21 May, 2011

    I am convinced Paul. You are heterosexual.I think everybody on this site and most people in your real world are convinced as well.

  9. Larry Green21 May, 2011

    Were you ever a little boy raped by a man?

  10. Larry Green22 May, 2011

    I can tell you Paul that I am a heterosexual male too ( I know how important that is to you) but I have some very intimate relations with people who happen to be gay and for that matter deserve to be congratulated because they are expecting a child and I can tell you that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that these two beautiful ladies will and in fact are (about 6 months), and even though to her detriment one has PhD and is a professor at Queens , the most magnificent parents ever, and I can tell you first hand Mr. that neither one of them remind me any more than my mother of the man (probably married who claimed to like only women)that hurt me .

  11. Anonymous23 May, 2011

    "Were you ever a little boy raped by a man?"

    Gee Larry thats a little personal but the answer is no. I don't understand where you're going with that question?
    Am I correct to assume you feel my revulsion to the prospect of engaging in sex with another male is an unnatural heterosexual feeling and must be caused by a bad gay sex incident as a child? I think its quite natural to be straight and feel that way as I would think it would be natural for a gay man to feel revulsion at the prospect of having sex with a woman.

    I'm also sorry to hear you were violated as a child. That said, maybe the guy that raped you wasn't heterosexual either. Given the time that this must have happened, many people attracted to the same sex hid the fact, led double lives because it wasn't socially acceptable behaviour then. I know of quite a few women married for decades only to have the husband come out in recent years as gay or bisexual and hook up with another man.

    I also don't understand how the two ladies you mentioned relate to the topic of sexual attraction and pedophilia either?



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