19 May, 2011

Body found in river was missing teen

One of our missing area teens has been found, and alas it is not the ending that we were hoping for.  At least his family has the comfort of knowing what happened to him. The death of a child on the precipice of adulthood is the heaviest cross a parent (indeed the entire family) can carry in life. It is a wound that never fully heals. The family cannot look to 'get over it', but they will learn to 'get on with it'. 

May the time that passes before joy begins to return to their lives be brief and that the frost of their winter season grief will give way to a springtime of discovering that grief and joy are not opposites. They are dance partners and companions in every life. When the two exist together in peace with each other, peace will again be found.

Please keep the Pineau family in your prayers.

Body found in river was missing teen

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  1. Father Tim...what a sad ending..may the love and sympathy of their community comfort them and i will ask Father Paul to include them again in the prayers of the faithful in our parish this weekend.


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