09 September, 2010

There's only ONE real 'Fr. Tim' on the National Post

G'Day Folks,

The internet is a more dangerous place than I previously thought. Evidently there is someone who is posting on the National Post (where I participate in the Holy Post religion blog) claiming to be me! The comments inevitably are insulting to Bishops, Church teaching etc. and the moniker s/he uses is some derivation of my handle, 'Fr. Tim'.

I trust that no one will be confused between the 'real deal' and a feeble minded pretender! However, as 'Michael' did in a recent message to me, I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you come across something that claims to be from me, but is not of my usual standard of decorum and argument.

Such 'fun'... and all because I argue for the faith.

Thanks for your help and assistance. 

Fr. Tim


  1. I've deleted my query on your web site as you've answered my question. The NP needs to improve their security

  2. As a further note on NP security, my logon to their site seems to randommly use two usernames Rationalist1 and mhogan1024. Go figure.


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