23 September, 2010

Atheists Commandments

The National Post religion blog (The Holy Post) has published an article written by Jackson Doughart, a student of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island and a member of the Canadian Secular Alliance in which he states that B16 misrepresented what 'secularism' actually is. In the comment threads that follow (still the best discussion in the MSM on the subject of religion and life) someone stated that atheists did not have a set of beliefs whereas theists killed people with their beliefs.

It got me to thinking. Soon I was typing away at a version of the '10 Commandments' for atheists. It is a pretty rough first draft and I'm most certainly open to suggestions as to how they could be improved. Yet it should serve to provoke an interesting conversation.

Let me know what you think.

1. Thou shall not believe in any God beyond natural selection, and personal choice and autonomy
2. Thou shall not permit the spending of any tax revenues on any organization that has a religious connection
3. Thou shall recognize religious believers as 'less intelligent' than others and shall denigrate them as Dimwits and Simpletons.
4. It is permissible to kill people (abortion, euthanasia etc.), but not baby seals, birds, whales, bears, and rabbits…
5. Any sexual act is acceptable, desirable, laudable, and to be encouraged, so long as adults consent.
6. Thou must scrub every vestige of 'God' from the public square
7. Believers are to be restricted to expressing their belief in their churches or homes only
8. Thou shall not judge the actions of any one else (so long as they do not harm you)
9. One need not honor commitments made to others (divorce etc.) –except in financial matters.
10. Scientific cognition is the sole arbiter of what is truth, BUT ALL OTHER COGNITION IS AND MUST REMAIN RELATIVE.

Opinion: Pope’s comments misrepresent secularism | Holy Post | National Post

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