27 September, 2010

Hebrew Cosmology.

In the comment threads, we are talking about the appropriate image that illustrates the Hebraic world view.

This is for you STG!

Fr. Tim


  1. Can you explain further?

    We have arrived in Tucson but my connection is by iPod only at the moment

  2. Sure! As I stated in a conversation with others in you favorite thread (Quebec), the image of creation that is offered in the Book of Genesis is NOT the globe that we know to be true via scientific examination. SmallTownGuy asked me to provide such an image as proof since none of his sources accepted that this is the Hebraic view of the world as explained in Genesis: a giant dome, supporting a flat surface that is supported upon giant pillars.

    The image is my response to his request.

    Fr. Tim

  3. MBrandon,

    Michael, Your description of your trip down near the Grand Canyon sounds incredible. I have seen a slide presentation on the subject of creation by a scientist, Professor Philip Stott, from South Africa. He was originally from England but lives in South Africa and has travelled abroad to speak at scientific conferences and make presentations on creation. He once believed in evolution but when he was converted to Christ about 30 years ago, he realized where the evolutionist scientists were wrong. He has made a large part of his lifetime studying the issues surrounding creation and evolution is presented a incredible five night slide-show presentation on the various related subject.

    He said there is a possibility that the Grand Canyon was carved out of the earth by Noah's flood which encompassed the earth as recorded in Genesis. That would mean the Grand Canyon could have been created in a short period of time. You might consider that while you are there actually looking at it.


  4. Tim,

    The pictorial of the earth and firmament you have posted, supposedly to give a picture of what it was like is the first I've ever seen.
    I am not sure it would have looked like that though. A strict interpretation of some of the language in Genesis might lead to drawing a pictorial like that; but I don't think that is how it was. I believe it was written that way so that the readers could understand the creation.

    I don't think Genesis says or implies that the earth is flat and had pillars under it. I might be mistaken but I don't recall that.

    I believe God created the earth as a round sphere with the stars and universe generally as they now appear. The account in Genesis is not meant to be a scientific record. However, I believe God did create the universe in six days as it says. Since the whole of creation was a supernatural act, there is no reason not to believe it was created in six days.

    Do you believe God created Adam and Eve and put them in the garden of Eden?

  5. Father Tim:

    My question was really for our friend STG. How does this tie in to the biblical account (or two) of creation? Specifically, it does not in so many words. However, what you have presented is the tradition of the time when Genesis was written. And you know how Wayne views tradition.

    Sola Scriptura forever (or not).

  6. Mbrandon,

    Michael, Reformed theologians and bible expositors have no problem with a tradition which is in accordance with scriptural truth. However, if it something new invented by men since the Bible was completed and is not in accordance with or contrary to the Bible, it is to be rejected as the false teachings of men.



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