23 July, 2010

A Vatican literacy quiz | National Catholic Reporter

Here is an interesting article!

A Vatican literacy quiz | National Catholic Reporter

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  1. Anonymous24 July, 2010

    Fr. Tim, Thank you for your comment at the NP sites. They seemed to have stopped allowing me to post.

    This was my post I was trying to make to your last comment:

    You said : "John Allen is bang on the mark: people like to attack the church because it's easier than actually learning what it teaches and preaches. They cannot be bothered to learn... it will interfere with their rants and prejudices." and I agree. But nothing in Allen's article had anything to do with what the Catholic Church teaches, only details like which council is the newest or who's an American. I do not rant and am not prejudiced against the Catholic Church. My objections are to religion, of which the Catholic Church is a subset, and its acceptance and promotion of non-evidential beliefs as a virtue instead of a hinderance to knowledge.

    I sympathize with the comments aimed against you and other religious adherents on this blog but religion brings out all sorts.

    My objection with Allen's article is that is trivializes the whole discussion and tells people who don't know Vatican trivia to shut up. My point was that if critics of the Vatican who do not know 8 out of 10 of these answers are required to be silent, perhaps supports of the Vatican who fail to pass muster should equally remain sidelined.



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