03 July, 2010

Aggie Catholics: Top 15 Phrases Not Found in the Bible

Aggie Catholics: Top 15 Phrases Not Found in the Bible


  1. "11 - The Apple in the Garden of Eden.
    There was fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2, 3), but we do not know what kind of fruit is was."

    *sigh* It wasn't literally any kind of fruit (as in something to eat) at all...and I do wish people would learn that!

    "Fruit" in this context is: the consequence of some effort or action. As in "the fruit of his labors."

  2. Lady Janus: I'm fairly certain that the overwhelming majority opinion is that the Adam/Eve text is an allegory explaining the entry of evil into creation. I know that most theologians and scripture scholars recognize this, so there would be no need to explain the symbolism.

    Just a thought. It's far too beautiful a day here in Mattawa for me to contemplate anyone 'sighing'. I sincerely hope that creation is as beautiful there as here... sun...breeze...30C. Perfect!

    Fr. Tim

  3. LOL! Happy I am that you have weather you can enjoy, Tim! If I put in my order with you now, can you send me some of it for Tuesday?

    As for the allegory in question, I get your meaning, but that is not what the blogger is saying. She actually says that perhaps the "fruit" was a pomegranate...


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