30 July, 2010

New Oxford Review

An explanation of celibacy in a nice, succinct and to the point article! 

New Oxford Review

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  1. "...marriage would expose the priest to an extra burden in that his duty to family could only compromise his vow of obedience."

    And vice versa. His duty to his family will put him at odds with his duty to the church. Which brings into question the statement that, "The Church has always taught that marriage is a noble vocation..."

    Apparently, the people who, way back in history, decided that a man cannot be married and a priest at the same time had a very low opinion of mens' abilities to put any situation into perspective and make smart decisions based on actually thinking for themselves about it! Which would explain one Catholic blogger's insistence that "thinking is overrated."

    "...difficulty understanding this concept reflects the shallowness of modern society, which cannot comprehend the concepts of commitment or vocation..."

    That's a pretty solid slam at the intelligence of the people the Church purports to serve, isn't it? "Cannot comprehend" usually translates to "I can't be bothered explaining it to you, so go away," or, "If I tell you the truth, you'll only leave, so I'll say nothing, and you will stay."

    "...defining homosexuality as a charming personality quirk..."

    Oh, please...it has nothing to do with personality at all, never mind a "quirk." Any more than a preference for chocolate ice cream over strawberry is a personality quirk. It's a preference. That's all it is.

    On the whole, though, it's not a bad article. It does go a long way toward explaining the evading of the real explanations behind the rules...which is that of power over.


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