14 July, 2010

Ignatieff back on road after bus fixed at 'Harper Diesel' - CTV News

...And people say that God doesn't have a sense of humor!

Ignatieff back on road after bus fixed at 'Harper Diesel' - CTV News


  1. Will the promises of Iggy be as truthful and honest as those of McGinty in Ontario...i will never again believe anything they promise..he will give us the gears the same as McGinty but with a much more fancy words than McGinty

  2. Mary G,
    It is difficult for any citizen to trust completely a politician. It goes with the territory.

    Everybody starts with GOOD intentions but along the way they cannot satisfy everybody so they just do what they can, while others turn to people like you, Fr.Tim & I & raise their hands up so to speak and say it's just too bad!
    Then we try to vote them out. Then you realize the person/party is just as bad as the other & the beat goes on hoping the next party will be better or the last party in power wasn't really that bad. Nothing is perfect!

    My Dad died in the 1980's. He use to say...there should be one public education system. Anybody else that want a Catholic, Lutheran, etc...they just should pay for it themselves.

    It is just a matter of time this will happened in Ontario here.

    Catholic Council of Bishops knew McGinty fought to keep that funding going for Catholic Separate School system. How long can McGinty keep their funding going? Or another party that comes into power? Your guess is as good as mine.

    In my opinion, funding for Catholic School system in Ontario is in GRAVE danger.


  3. Lina
    i think u are right...we are going to loose our catholic schools and they will be great outrage etc but i am not sure we have not given them away. We hung a Crucifix and said the Our Father and thought that made us Catholic. In our area most of the "Catholic " teachers do not even go to Mass...so how committed are they to their faith and, while they nurture their body how do they do the same for their soul, so i suspect they teach without much conviction so they and their students are conspicuous by their absence at Sunday Mass.


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