24 July, 2010

Catholics in New Media: Incredible Priests | Blogs | NCRegister.com

Cool idea!

Catholics in New Media: Incredible Priests | Blogs | NCRegister.com

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  1. Fr.Tim,

    This is good news. Good positive stories about the clergy instead of all the negativity about priests. Sadly, some folks will fine this boring. No matter there are many good loyal priests.

    My mother told me this real story about a priest who was a pastor of a small French Church. One day a male parishioner went to see this priest. This parishioner notice all the pails & containers around the rectory. The roof was leaking & this priest never said a word about it to anyone.

    The surprise parishioner said to him that he couldn’t stay & live like that because the priest would get sick. The priest replied it’s a poor parish, that his parishioners did not have that much money & they needed their money to feed their little families. He would be alright.

    Needless to say, this parishioner got a team of helpers & in no time they did fix this poor priest’s roof. My mother told me this priest was a very gentle, humble, holy man, & he was not interested in worldly goods.

    Good Night!


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