04 May, 2010

Gay Legislation Trumps Religious Freedom in the United Kingdom - International News - Catholic Online

Gay Legislation Trumps Religious Freedom in the United Kingdom - International News - Catholic Online


  1. I don't trust the source to be neutral. Is there another version of it somewhere?

  2. Try here, Lady J


  3. Thanks, Michael. Well, a lot of fuss over almost nothing, isn't it? And it's not about "religious freedom." It's about minding one's own business.

    "The Rev Arthur Bentley-Taylor, 68, vicar of the Emmanuel evangelical church where Mr Mcalpine worships, said: "As far as I am concerned, this is about free speech. If we arrested everybody who said something we found offensive, everyone would be in prison.’"

    Very succinctly put. And I find myself in agreement with him.

    Here's what I find intolerable, though: Even though I do not believe in the concept of "sin," I keep running across people -- who live in narrow little worlds -- that accuse me of sinning and expecting me to "do something about it."

    Do what, exactly? They certainly do not believe in my religious freedom! Why should I bend to theirs?

    But if they would simply leave it alone as their opinion, I could ignore them. But they don't want to be ignored. They want to be obeyed. They have a vision of how they want the world to be, and they just cannot accept that the rest of us do not want to live there with them. They push and they poke and they prod -- like our "preacher/hooligan" in the article, until they get a nasty reaction, and then they have the gall to pretend surprise!

    And yes, we all have a right to free speech. But do we have the right to bother other people by proclaiming loudly at those who simply want to be left alone? Do we have the right to insult those whom we don't know over something that is no one's business but their own?

    I'll tell ya, I also don't believe in this concept of "turn the other cheek." If someone interferes with me as I mind my own business, I will react negatively. And physically. Yes, I hit.

    If more people did that, instead of running to the cops (parent figures -- the "grown-up" version of tattle-taling to Mommy), we'd have far fewer of these cases clogging up the courts, and our legal system could get on with the business of dealing with real criminals, eh?


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