12 May, 2010

The Cost of Father Maciel | First Things

This editorial, written by Joseph Bottum at First Things is essential reading for anyone who has an interest in the Legionaries of CHrist, a powerful organization in years past who have been brought to the precipice of collapse by the revelations of the criminal deeds of their founder, Fr. Maciel. In criticizing Cardinal Sodano (Dean of the College of Cardinals) Bottum 'connects the dots' such that they elucidate the role of the Vatican in its response to most if not all of the sex abuse scandals that have erupted this past year.

It's well worth the few minutes it takes to read the article.

The Cost of Father Maciel | First Things

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  1. Anonymous14 May, 2010

    Hi Tim,

    I think the scandal of the LofC goes much deeper than sins of its founder and his Vatican collaborators.

    The root goes much deeper...

    Whenever men claim to know the mind and will of god, and when other men blindly believe them, you have set up a dynamic that is bound to be exploited.

    This dynamic has been exploited in the past and I am afraid that this will always be the case. Religion is not the only cuplprit where we find this dynamic (e.g. nationalism) but it is certainly one of the most pernicious.

    The kind of intellectual honesty and posture of skepticism that is necessary to guard against the dynamic of gullibility (which pervades religion) is ultimately corrosive to religion in the long run.

    I am afraid that religion will always be at war with reason, skeptiscim and honest inquiry. Niave gullibility is religion's oxygen. I am afraid that there will always be Legionnaires of Christ ready to exploit that gullibility. It is inevitable.



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