17 May, 2010

The War Against Mother Teresa of Calcutta « Coming Home

This is one facet of the attack on the Church that I truthfully do not understand. So universal has been the acclaim and respect in which she is held that I once here a comedian spin a tail about being afraid to fly, until the day came that he flew on an airliner with Mother Teresa. He realized right away that if ever there's ever a great time to "trust in divine providence" to protect passengers on their voyage, he had hit the "Catholic jackpot!" Even if we crash, who better to stand with before God than that holy woman! She who would carry the lepers in Calcutta would carry anyone into heaven" he concluded, to the great applause of the studio audience.

Now this... I sincerely do not understand how anyone could deny the incredible witness to love which was her mission in life. Sad, sad, very sad.

The War Against Mother Teresa of Calcutta « Coming Home

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  1. ... The true motivation behind the "war against Mother Teresa" is the Left's agenda being threatened by any individual who freely chooses to act charitably- undermining their efforts to force charitable values on all through the intervention of the state.
    ... A Christian has NOTHING in common with the Left- socially or economically.


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