31 May, 2010

Prospective Catholic Priests Face Sexuality Hurdles - NYTimes.com

Will nothing ever please these people? First the Church gets blasted for letting predators run amok and injure untold numbers of innocent victims. Priests are almost universally condemned as being either all gay or perverts.

So, the Church begins to implement strict testing procedures to ensure the sexual maturity of candidates who step forward for the priesthood and now she is condemned for creating 'sexuality hurdle' that are discriminatory. Note in the article that one of the questions being proffered as being inappropriate or discriminatory deals with whether or not a candidate is sexually attracted to children.

Homosexuality and pedophilia are two entirely different issues. One is not causal to the other either directly or indirectly. This is the accepted wisdom of the times. But how can the Church legitimately protect its faithful and itself from predators if the questions of sexuality, orientation, desires and practices are 'off limits' to questioning?

There is no pleasing the NYT.

Prospective Catholic Priests Face Sexuality Hurdles - NYTimes.com

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