26 May, 2010

There's no fool like and old fool!

Many times my mother would react to one of my father's silly schemes in the house by exclaiming, "There's no fool like an old fool". This line is ringing in my head today as I suffer the effects of being on the golf course for 81 holes of golf yesterday. For the past 15 years I have joined with three others friends for an all day golf marathon. Closer to our athletic prime, we used to golf in excess of 100 holes in one day. The vagaries of age have slowed us down but 81 holes still takes quite a toll on the body.

I'll be back to blogging as per usual tomorrow (assuming I survive today - it's even hard to type!)

Just do me the kindness of offering a pray on behalf of this old fool today!

Fr. Tim


  1. Eighty-one holes? As in four-and-a-half full rounds? Not eighteen?

    LOL! Yup, even your eyelids should be stiff and sore...

  2. Lady Janus: You don't know how right you are!! Just finished three hour drive home in +41C humidex weather. 'Burnt, roasted and tender' would be a good description of my current state of being today! Time for another cold shower!! (We've not turned the air conditioning on as a cost saving to the parish... what a year to make that decision!!!)

    Fr. Tim


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