03 January, 2017

Office of Congressional Ethics gutted by Republicans

So... the first step in 'Draining the Swamp' is getting rid of the Ethics department? This can't be good.

Office of Congressional Ethics gutted by Republicans - CNNPolitics.com


  1. While it is true that all power now dwells with the House Ethics Committee (HEC) it does not mean that members will get a free pass on any hint of wrong-doing as seems to be Pelosi's argument-which coming from her is actually funny-Individual cases have been and still can be referred to the FBI,Justice and State Justice depts.I agree it would seem that the old method might still survive with Trump.We'll see .But this is not a major downer for justice for congressional members

  2. UPdate. I see where the Republicans have pulled the idea of 'gutting' the ethics committee on the strong advice of President-elect Trump..all is well.

    1. Trump didn't say they shouldn't gut the ethics committee, only that they should reduce taxes on the rich and remove healthcare on the poor first. With hos ethical challenges in his position I doubt he has a problem with them getting rid of ethical oversight.


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