21 January, 2017

The Puzzling Backstory to Controversial Maltese Directive

I have no problem with the directive that the Maltese bishops have offered to their priests. In fact, it fits exactly into my own logic on the topic which goes as follows.

1) It is the responsibility of the pastor of people who are in any invalid relationship to make them aware of the teaching of the Church. This must be done clearly and without equivocation, expressing the reasoning behind the Church's position and how it accords with the teachings we find in sacred scripture.

2) We must instruct such individuals to pray sincerely for guidance from God with an openness to concluding to live in accordance with the Church's teaching: either in perfect continence together as a couple or as separate individuals.

3) If after doing so either party still wishes to receive the Eucharist and assuming that it will not cause a scandal or weaken the faith of others, trusting within themselves that what they do is indeed acceptable to God and being willing to accept the responsibility and consequences if they are wrong when they stand before him at the time of their death, then as adults in the faith I must respect their decision and offer to them the sacrament.

This is what the Maltese bishops have stated. There is nothing wrong imho with their saying it.

The Puzzling Backstory to Controversial Maltese Directive | ncregister.com

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