25 January, 2017

“SNAP announces director named in lawsuit has resigned” & related articles

Long time readers of this blog know that I hold Sylvia McEacheran in the highest regard. Her blog, Sylvia's Site is the best compendium of articles of the various sex abuse scandals that have hit the Catholic Church in Canada. I've had the opportunity to sit down with her on one occasion for an afternoon-long conversation and know that her activities and her blog grow from her deep love of the Church and a desire to see it cleansed of predators and their enablers.

In this latest post from her blog, she proves once again the purity of her motives. With it, she posts a series of articles about a scandal that has engulfed SNAP (Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests) containing allegations by a former employee that they participated in a program of kickbacks from lawyers, and that the organization was animated by a deep-seated "personal and ideological animus against the Catholic Church." In her commentary after the compendium of articles on this case, Sylvia expresses her long-held discomfort with SNAP and makes clear that her own blog has never had any formal relationship with them. This was a point that she made quite clear to me when we met.

So kudos to Sylvia for highlighting this story about an organization that seems to have gone off the rails as evidenced by the resignation of SNAP's executive director... and for her continued dedication to providing both a sight which keeps people aware of the ongoing state of affairs in these matters within the Canadian Catholic Church while providing a safe place for victims to be able to network and find support in their efforts to find healing, peace, and justice. May her prayers that these goals be attained for those broken by sexual abuse at the hands of clergy come to fruition, sooner rather than later.

“SNAP announces director named in lawsuit has resigned” & related articles | Sylvia's Site

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