25 January, 2017

Theology isn’t Math; but it is Theology: The latest from George Weigel on the First Things blog

Theology isn’t Math; but it is Theology | George Weigel | First Things

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  1. 10 + 6 = 16 and 10 + 6 = 4.

    We do both types of math calculations every day.

    Math is invented, not discovered. A series of postulates, axioms, notions are states and theorems are derived from them. This constitutes a mathematical system. We we apply it to the natural world we sometimes choose the mathematical system where 10 + 6 = 16 and sometimes where 10 + 6 = 4.

    I would hesitate to link theology to a invented and arbitrary system of knowledge.

    (Note : math being invented does not make it useless, rather it expands its utility. If math had to be discovered we'd be much pooer for that.)


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