19 March, 2014

How Contemporary Physics Points to God

How Contemporary Physics Points to God


  1. Guth's 1999 Analysis of Expanding Pre-Big-Bang Models

    Alan Guth concluded this study as follows: "In my own opinion, it looks like eternally inflating models necessarily have a beginning...As hard as physicists have worked to try to construct an alternative, so far all the models that we construct have a beginning; they are eternal into the future, but not into the past."
    Just one small example of crazy confusion even for smart people. Is not obvious to even lay people that 'eternal' transcends future , past, now, time and duration? Why is it that the conflation of transcendent eternity (or The Eternal One) with creation, endlessly and ineffectually formed in order to demonstrate a proof for the existence of The Transcendent Eternal One?
    It seems like ' faith' is a lot of talk but very little value.

  2. We seem inclined to think of eternity as some sort of state where things are forever in motion. But in fact according to wisdom and reason, eternity and actuality are the same thing. Not something moving or becoming, but something that IS. The substance of which is incomprehensible to something existing forever in a state of potentiality. Which is why man needs myth in order to know Truth.


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