29 March, 2014

Why Catholics leave the Church - by Fr. Robert Barron


  1. I listened to his last talk that you posted on 'natural law' and now this one and interestingly a very substantial correlation emerges between the two. i.e. the same essential and natural inscription on the human heart alluded to in his the former video is what appears to me to be the real efficient cause responsible for Catholics leaving the church. The daze and bewilderment stems from an arrogant and egocentric attitude (pervasive throughout the church) which engenders the notion that one must be male and an ordained priest in order to have access to the intuitive sense of the 'natural good' inscribed within... ironically one of many prejudices/obstacles constructed between ego and heart.
    The world is evolving at an amazingly and accelerating pace i.e. human beings are becoming more and more human and less ruled by the genus that they belong to. We are opening up to unity , communion, inclusion, love and compassion. The church ,sadly to say, is loosing ground at a pace beyond anything ever realized at any time in the history of church. The collective unconscious is much more vast and very much more powerful than the collective ego.
    God really does work in mysterious ways Fr. Barron.

    March 29 2014 10:27 pm
    Larry Green

  2. BTW reminds me of Pierre Telhard de Chardin when he observed that Jesus Christ is like a magnet at the centre of the universe attracting human beings into Himself. Telhard de Chardin so beautifully did grasp the reality that Jesus did not need him to increase the force of this natural attraction.


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