26 March, 2014

A sad sign of the times


  1. Yes it is, teachers using impact as a verb. It's a harbinger of the the decline of Western civilization ( http://the-independent-george.23207.n7.nabble.com/Impact-and-the-Decline-of-Western-Civilization-td3.html )

    Are you sure it's legit?

  2. Rationalist: I've seen it in more than one site... but in this age of the internet that is not entirely proof of anything. Still, it does fit the current zeitgiest.

    Fr. Tim

  3. Snops has nothing on it and Google image search shows it on a lot of "war against Christians" web sites. None list a source that I could see. Without any one citing a source, I'm thinking it's a fabrication.

  4. This picture used for this is fake....but the actual story is not. an 8yr old was asked to write about something else...and her paper looks nothing like this one...the school says they are allowing her to write about jesus, but the story says other wise...just sad someone had to create a fake photo to get the story out...the link i am posting is to the actual story with the real pic done by the student.... http://misguidedchildren.com/religion/2014/03/school-to-8-year-old-your-christian-faith-is-not-welcome/17555


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