23 March, 2014

PQ worried election will be 'stolen by people from Ontario' | CTV News

How can you tell if the PQ are losing a campaign? 


It's when they start claiming that Anglophones are 'stealing' the election. 

While as an English speaking Quebecer I find such an allegation both offensive and prejudicial (just like Jacques Parizeau's famous rant when the PQ lost the last referendum which he blamed on 'l'argent et la vote ethnique'), I take comfort in this latest sign of desperation and PQ bigotry since it means their polling is telling them that they are losing, which means we probably won't have to face another referendum in the immediate future. It's also probably (hopefully?) the last gasp of the sovereignist movement which is dying out with the last of the 'independentistes pur et dur'... and thank God for that! Good riddance to them!

Now let's work to improve Québec's status within Canada by bringing it within the Canadian Constitution and improving the economy so that it can begin to share in the prosperity that abounds throughout the rest of the country. In short - let's complete the 'Révolution Tranquille' and bring our province out of the dark ages of irrelevant phantom enemies into the light of the 21st Century.

PQ worried election will be 'stolen by people from Ontario' | CTV News

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