22 March, 2014

Who Is Pope Francis to Judge Not? : Ummm... he's the Pope? But it makes we wonder why so many folks are concerned more with limiting who gets to go to heaven (as this article does) rather than focusing more on bringing as many as possible there? Which do you think fits best with Christian teaching?

Who Is Pope Francis to Judge Not? | Catholic World Report - Global Church news and views


  1. Neither. From my perspective it teaches that a commitment to work at getting oneself to heaven by living in communion with all our brothers and sisters in humanity in a spirit and an attitude of compassion, forgiveness love. It teaches that getting into heaven requires that we awaken the fundamental desire to reveal the beauty in others rather than to reject and reduce others to be the sum of what appear to be their flaws.

  2. Come to think of it, all the other religions teach the same thing. So they are equally good!

  3. It also teaches that it is important to be honest and truthful. People who tell lies to protect egos and images loose all credibility because they cannot be trusted.
    What it does not teach is that Christ is some political leader who needs people to go out and get votes for him. It does not teach that the Saviour needs to be saved. It does not teach that 'being a Christian' is an attribute to adorn the human persona.It does not teach that men are more like God than women. To mention just a few of such commonly held notions which in reality belong to neither fact or myth.

  4. Every religion teaches that it is always okay to be afraid but never okay to be a coward. This seems to be so difficult for so many of us to grasp or to live up to when confronted with truth that give rise to a deep rooted fear.


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