29 May, 2013

The Last Laugh of Alfredo Ottaviani | First Things

The Last Laugh of Alfredo Ottaviani | First Things


  1. Fr. Michael Smith29 May, 2013

    If violating religious freedom is immoral if perpetrated by secularists, then by what logic is it moral if perpetrated by Catholics? The implied premise is that being on the side of the truth is a justification for intolerance. This gives the argument away to relativists, who are suspicious precisely of that premise.

    1. Anonymous29 May, 2013

      What a strange reply from yet another Priest .
      Really, do the Priests of today not have enough to do, so that they get into trouble with money, or with young kids, or try to show hoe intelligent they are by these useless comments? Ooops, I am starting to sound like one- it must be contagious.


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