31 May, 2013

Belief Is the Least Part of Faith - NYTimes.com

This an interesting article... but strangely unsatisfying. It seems to me that the saints ably dealt with this question and we would do well to heed their counsel in these matters.

St. Augustine showed the way to dealing with deficiencies we suffer from time to time in our personal faith-life: Act as if you still believed and belief will return to you... and beg God's aid in vanquishing disbelief. St. Therese of Avila, another Church doctor counseled the same to which she knit the advice to keep one's perspective in good times and in bad with her teaching to 'when in desolation, remember prior consolations... when in consolation, remember desolation.'

Classic advice that's always worked for me.

Belief Is the Least Part of Faith - NYTimes.com

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