12 January, 2013

Wait! Sin Has Consequences? - Indeed it does!! All sin is social no matter what many today believe.

The Catholic teaching on sin is very simple to understand. Essentially it goes like this:

1) Sin affects me. It coarsens me. Wounds me. It keeps me from loving as I ought to... as I want to.

2) I am a social being. No man is an island. Everything we do has an effect on those around us.

3) Therefore to the degree that it affects me, my sin necessarily affects other people.

Now, multiply that effect for every person that sins and it becomes easy to see how violence and hatred spring into existence among people who claim to be oriented towards loving each other. But this is not entirely inevitable.

Just as individual acts of sin pollute and contaminate individuals and cultures, so too can acts of grace and human kindness contribute towards the betterment of society as a whole. Put another way: just as we were capable to create the mess we are in, so too is it within our power to clean it up. 

We just need to do it one grace-filled step at a time, taking care where we leave our tracks... where the rubber hits the road. 

Wait! Sin Has Consequences? | The American Catholic

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