10 January, 2013

Bad demographic news gets secular attention, at last

OSV Daily Take Blog: Shaw: Bad demographic news gets secular attention, at last


  1. Question on another topic. Fr. Tim. I was having a discussion on another blog and I wondered if I was interpreting a term correctly. In the context of Catholic moral theology is a moral absolute defined as an action committed by a moral agent that is either absolutely right or absolutely wrong independent of the circumstances? One can't use situation ethics or consequentialism to justify it.

    The person I was discussing that with viewed moral absolutes more as moral principles ( i.e. do not lie, do not steal, etc.) which very admirable and are principles which one should seek to support are not moral absolutes. A few moments reflection would bring up situations where both can and indeed should be transgressed.

    Is that a fair interpretation?

  2. Rationalist: A moral absolute cannot be interpreted due to circumstances meaning that one cannot use situational ethics to contravene it. However the examples you give (lying, stealing) do not qualify as moral absolutes for the reason offer. There are times when both would be moral (lying to save a life in wartime, stealing food for a starving person etc.).

    Perhaps your partner in your discussion is being a touch too severe or strict in his interpretation. I hope he is not a confessor. I sure as hell wouldn't want to go into his confessional if he takes no account of the situation in which a sin occurred.

    Fr. Tim

    1. Rationalist: On another subject as well, what the hell has happened to the Holy Post? The articles have been weak and the comments terrible! I know that Charlie is off sick but I find it hard to understand how it could have gone so bad so fast. Are you finding the same thing?

      Fr. Tim

    2. No. The blog was http://2catholicmen.blogspot.ca/. He was arguing moral absolutes vs moral relativism as the seemingly only two moral choices.

      I agree Holy Post is lame. I home Mr. Lewis isn't too sick and gets better soon. You need to submit a few articles.


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