16 January, 2013

6 Reasons Why Men Can Speak on Abortion

I found this to be an interesting article. In practice, women are far more powerful than men, possessing the power to decide whether the life growing within her is a 'baby' to be cherished or a 'fetus' to be killed. Seemingly, a simple decision on her part determines whether or not that nascent human life is a person or an inconvenience. 

This leads me to ask: Should any person have the power and authority to determine whether or not a human life simply by labeling it wanted or not?

Somehow, this doesn't appear to be either logical, consistent, or just... at least when viewed either from the father or baby's perspective. What do you think? Can language and terminology be used to justify the termination of an innocent life?

6 Reasons Why Men Can Speak on Abortion

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  1. No (1) a baby has a human sole killing it is a crime against god
    No (2) a baby is seed from god who is the creator of all mand kind.
    No (3) god reaps were he does knot sow sence a dead aborted baby is a sin and those that proceeded with its destruction inticed and under saintain destroyed your baby .
    No (4) god is the giver of life jesus is the saver of life souls he died on the cross to defeat saintains inquity which held the whole human race in captivity and made us all victums of sin , so jesus came to save us from sin because we were victums of inquity keep your babys.
    No (5) saintain is the father of lies god is the father of truth and love he is not the god of the dead but of the living ? he is not opinion but truth not hollow balls with know substance like bubble lies only work if people bleave them but next to god lies hold no solid substance? so the devil is the father of lies his goal is to kill steal and destroy your baby if he can throu abortion saintain brings forth death because he is the inquity of death he deceived eve to sin in the garden of eden she did not know the strange fealings of lust were sin so she dezired adam to eat plunging the world into darkness and sin ? so it is the devil that caused death and graves and sin for it is written in the bible the wages of sin is death and that came true the reason we have graves is not because of god but its because of saintain the father of lies and inquity we are all victums of sin if he made you abort repent for you were deceived it is jesus that is the way the truth and the light have your baby for god reaps were he does not sow ? think if it dies were would the baby sitting money go god could use or the money others gave that could do good in charity for others looking for a cause should be know problem to keep you god given child it is written all children blong to god but dead one make no harvest or profit fear god and reap what ye sow were shall ye stand with out jesus as your defence attorney
    when you one day die shall you say to god my education or my bills or my relation was more important then a child you conceived it is god that has the power for saintain uses doctors clnics and many things to trick people into killing inosent children / me the red horse rider


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