23 January, 2013

‘The God Delusion’

Rationalist, a friend and frequent participant in these threads sent along a link to a NYT op-ed column by noted and acclaimed scientist and writer Richard Dawkins summarizing his reasons behind the convictions that God does not exist. Since this blog is dedicated to engendering conversations about such issues, it seemed appropriate to post the link here. Click below to read Dawkin's piece.

‘The God Delusion’ - New York Times


  1. The excerpt given the NYTimes link is less about why Pref. Dawkins thinks God does not exist (latter in his book he deals with why there is insufficient evidence for God, a subtle but significant difference). But I offered up this excerpt more for the first few paragraphs where Prof. Dawkins talks about the awe both religious and non can share about this universe we have found ourselves in.

  2. Here's one you may want to weigh in on.



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