05 July, 2012

Parent group urges Ontario Catholic school trustees to defy law supporting gay clubs

Connor Ferguson
Does this story reporting on a transgendered person who was voted class Prom Queen by her fellow students not speak to the argument  that GSA's are a legislative solution in search of a problem that doesn't currently exist? 

Read the story. It makes clear that bullying at school was never an issue for this year's reigning Queen of the ball - even when she publicly lived changed of gender at the start of high school, living in the open as a girl after years of being a boy. She states that more abuse befell her on the street from the adults in the community than ever happened in to her in school.

If this story makes one thing perfectly clear, it's that bullying (at least for reasons of sexual orientation) is NOT an issue in the largest urban schools of the province in the GTA. 

The generation of school kids today are far less concerned about such issues Much as the generations that followed mine struggle now to see the humor in the ethnic/sexist slurs of Archie Bunker or George Jefferson because it's insulting, today's kids (for the overwhelming part) think that one's sexual identity is no matter to anyone but the person themselves. They are more Libertarian than we would have ever thought to be. But they all tend to have a 'live and let live' attitude that would surprise we elders.

We shouldn't be surprised. This generation is as far from being raised in the two parent traditional family as we can get. There are so many changes of 'mommies & daddies' in the lives of kids today by the time they reach high school... there's very little that throws today's students. It's the product of the licentiousness that has gripped western cultures as a whole. Time will tell whether it's a change for the better or worse. But it is what passes as reality these days in the halls of the province's schools.

So, if this case is representative (and recent social surveys of students says it is) it's not likely that anyone would seek to start a GSA to deal with bullying for being gay in school.

Cardinal Collins is correct. Its creation would MOST LIKELY be used as solely as a means to promote libertarian re-interpretation of the Church moral teaching towards greater sexual license - under the COVER of the URBAN MYTH that gays are still being persecuted or bullied in Ontario schools.

Fr. Tim


  1. Would he/she be allowed to be prom queen at a Catholic High school? Would a gay student be able to bring a same sex date to a dance? Would an gay student be allowed to continue at a Catholic High School? Would gay parents be able to send their child to a Catholic High School?Would a gay teacher be allowed to teach.

    I'm not saying you have to condone their actions, you can continue to treat (and teach if you must) their actions as the most heinous of sins facing humanity today (I assume that because of the obsession with this topic). All that is asked is you tolerate their presence as gays and allow them their support clubs.

  2. Anonymous06 July, 2012

    You gotta wonder how bad it is when gays have to resort to sending themselves fake hate messages and fraudulent police reports to garner sympathy/attention for abuse they're not receiving in school.


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