05 July, 2012

The Golden Age Cometh: A reflection on the mission began by Fr. RJN, George Weigel and Michael Novak

The Golden Age Cometh

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  1. Anonymous05 July, 2012

    How exactly are North American Christians in danger of becoming like those under Islamic governance? And if they indeed they are, isn't that the point of Western secular states, to avoid a theocratic government that seeks to impose its arbitrary religious laws upon those whose religious beliefs are in conflict with it? Aren't the catholic 'Natural Laws" as arbitrary and hateful as Sharia law?

    You may practice your religious beliefs as you choose. You may not subjugate women and deny them their reproductive righte. You may not vilify, ostracize and discriminate against those with same sex attraction preference. You may not sodomize young boys given over to you for religious training and Catholic cultural inculcation and avoid civil penalty , as you continue to demand.

    You are not in danger of losing your religious freedom, you are simply required to folow the rules that everyone else does


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