08 July, 2012

Catholics should study the faith

Catholics should study the faith


  1. Anonymous08 July, 2012

    No, the more Catholics study the faith, the less they like many aspects of it. The more they become acquainted with the small group of men who determine the inflexible doctrines and dogma of the faith, the less they respect and heed them.

    For the Catholic Church, the culture wars are not fought aginst some outside faction or influence but against their own who rise up in dissent.

  2. Anonymous09 July, 2012

    I agree. Being a real Christian isn't easy and isn't appealing to the majority of people. That was the point of the whole narrow is the gate to heaven, wide is the road to hell narrative in scripture. Many "catholics" are not bothered by inflexible doctrines and dogmas and choose to live the easier, wide open secular road.


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