10 February, 2012

Center for child protection unveiled at Rome conference

Center for child protection unveiled at Rome conference


  1. The Pope is Gay and lives in his palace with his lover, Georg Ganswein. Cardinal Raymond Burke, Cardinal designate Tim Dolan, Chuck Chaput who will soon be designated and my own Arch Bishop in LosAngeles, who will soon be designated Cardinal, as well as his Predecessor Cardinal Mahoney are non celebate, Gay men. Cardinal O'Connor, while in New York, had a long, notorious love affair with Mayor Ed Koch,even as he excoriated homosexuality and founded the Sisters of life. Your friend Neuhaus was Gay as well as Brother Weigel.

    Yet all of these men sought and seek to deny women lifesaving reproductive healthcare procedures and services. They have lost the authority and credibility to do so.

    1. Anonymous:Wow. You had sex with all those important people? (How else would you be so certain that they are gay?) You must be a very happy and contented lad!

      Either that, or you are a worthless troll who likes to lie, slander and defame people that you know nothing about. (I say this because Chaput is not the new Archbishop of LA. He's been sent from Denver to Philadelphia - not California! Your new Archbishop's name is 'Gomez' and he was transferred to you from Texas. Just two of the most glaring of your insidious lies!

      Fr. Tim

  2. Anonymous - you're not Carrot Top in disguise are you? Or Lewis Black? Lol


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