19 February, 2012

Dolan calls for evangelisation with a smile - Vatican Insider

Dolan calls for evangelisation with a smile - Vatican Insider

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  1. Almost all current Catholics, even in the much vaunted growing Catholic communities of the Southern Hemisphere, differ with the Vatican doctrine and dogma in important ways. The "new evangelization" is a last ditch attempt to bring them back into the fold.

    Won't work. All those Genies won't fit into the lamp. If it could be done, at least some highly effective priests, somewhere, would already be doing it. Their flocks would boast improbably large families, who come to mass all the time, thirst mightily for all of the sacraments, present Mother Church with an endless stream of young, virile, heterosexual vocations, both male and female, willing to spend lives of chaste, selfless devotion to Jesus, in joyful poverty. Divorce, contraception, abortion, open, sexually active homosexuality, women priests, married priests, would not be issues of contention in the venues shepherded by these highly effective priests. It's not happening so far but maybe Tim Dolan and the Pope know something the rest of us don't. I hope so, Tim. Catholics deserve a church they can believe in again. It's been so long and they've had to make do with so little support and care from their clergy.


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