13 February, 2012

Sylvia MacEachern of Sylvia's Site has a long history with the Catholic Church as this article sent to me by Fr. Steve Ballard seems to make clear.

"For more than 30 years, no one — certainly not most bishops, priests, and laity — except a select few prelates, priests, and liturgists in crucial Church positions ever imagined that the liturgical "renewal" was — and remains — driven in a significant measure by homosexual and pedophile clerics to change Catholics' understanding of the nature of the Church, and to express their vision of a new church: one that is "tolerant," "compassionate," and "loving"; not "rigid," "formalistic," and "legalistic."
Those who persist in doubting or denying this is the case will have a difficult time after reading investigative reporter Sylvia MacEachern's expose of the clique that has managed the liturgical revolution in Canada since the end of the Second Vatican Council.

Her 100-page research project, published in the current edition of The Orator, the newsletter of the St. Brigid's Association, names the homosexual clerics, the convicted pedophile priests, the radical feminists, Marxists, and other assorted fifth columnists who "renewed" the Catholic liturgy in Canada and engineered one of the greatest debacles in the history of Church: the nearly total destruction of the Church in Canada."
Sylvia MacEachern of Sylvia's Site and her husband, Michael
Click on the link below to read the source article:

Library : Liturgical Renewal Has Been Run By Sexual Liberationists - Catholic Culture


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    1. Or,you may be sad to see that your vision is reflecting more accurately what you are in fact seeing. How many have been found out across the world since 2000 ?

    2. Oshkosh: Too many... Way too many! It tears at the hearts of priests and laity alike when a child is abused by someone they trusted. We weep with every victim and want predators ejected from the priesthood just I suspect you do as well.

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